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    The Vice Governor Officially Opened "Pasar Sore Banceuy"



    BANDUNG-The Vice Governor of West Java, Deddy Mizwar, opened the "Pasar Sore Banceuy" event in an ex-Matahari Building at Jl. Banceuy on Wednesday (29/6). The Vice Governor opened the event by hitting a "Bedug" witnessed by the Chairman of The Department of SME and the working committee.

    According to Deddy Mizwar, This bazaar is an appreciation from the Government to the entreprenuers.

    "Often times, it is hard for the entrepeneur to find the opportunity to sell their products. This bazzaar is an effort to ressolve that issue. Although this bazzaar only last for a short period, I hope that their transaction does not stop only to this point," he said.

    The Vice Governor highlights the condition of a week before Eid where people starts to buy various products. "I appealed to the people to not buy everything. Don't be extravagant," he said. (Pun)

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