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    Aher Expects an Increase of Development Results in the Opening Technical Guidance of APIP Audit


    BANDUNG - The buildings in the Dutch colonial period, such as Gedung Sate and Negara Pakuan Building, have a strong and solid foundation even though never changed until today. But why the buildings development by our nation can destroyed easily?

    This question posed by West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) during the official opening of Technical Guidance For Government Internal Oversight Body (APIP) of West Java province, at Topas Hotel, Bandung, on Monday (02/11).

    In his speech Aher explained, the construction tender results should have a historical value, and not just the technical value which priorities the efficiency price.

    "The question is it possible to produce beautiful and solid buildings as it used?" asked Aher.

    "Maybe in the future, I do not think it’s wrong if anyone among us (BPKP or BPK), brings a new idea to bring the buildings which has historical value," he said again.

    According to Aher, technical life of the building only for 40-60 years, then broken and must be rebuilt. While the age of historical value is beyond the technical age, where the future generation can still use the buildings.

    Aher stressed the importance of the role of APIP, in presenting the procurement of goods and services with high quality, to inhibit the possibilities deviation resulting in losses to the state. Aher asserts, that better to avoid irregularities in the upstream, rather than completing the amount of losses in downstream.

    "With the APIP alacrity in doing surveillance, we can prevent corruption and improving the quality of our development," said Aher.

    The event themed "Enhancing Capability and Synergy of APIP in the Investigation Field" was also attended by Head Deputy of BPKP Investigation Iswan Elmi, Chief Representative of BPK West Java Province Arman Syifa, Head of the High Court of West Java province Feri Wibisono, Chief Representative of BPKP West Java province Hamonangan Simarmata, Chief Inspectorate of West Java Province Pery Soeparman, and the Chief Inspectorate of Bandung Koswara.


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