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    Trillions of Rupiah is Prepared to Face Eid



    BANDUNG-The need towards cash money is increasing with Eid approaching. The Banks, such as Mandiri Bank increased the availability of cash money. "We prepared Rp 2,5 Trillion of cash monet in order to fulfil the need of the people during Eid. We make it available in every ATM including those which located around the homecoming route," said the Regional CEO of PT Bank Mandiri, Tbk. VI Regional office, Iman gunawan.

    Meanwhile, Danamon Bank also prepared Rp 2 Trillion of cash money. "We prepared Rp 2 Trillion of cash in the ATM," said the Operational Head of PT Bank Danamon Indonesia, Tbk., Antony Kurniawan.

    Furthermore, he said that during Eid, clients is still able to conduct transaction through Danamon Electronic channel such as ATM, cash deposit using the CDM and phone banking which provides 24hr service.

    "As for the networks operation, we still in operation until at least two days before Eid in as much as 524 branches of conventional office, including 14 brances of Danamon Syariah. Starting one day before eid and 2 days after eid, we are not operational and will be back in business on July 11, 2016," he said. Jo

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