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    105 People Completed Al-Quran 20 Times in Just A Day



    BEKASI-The Vice Governor of West Java, Deddy Mizwar, officially closed the Al-Quran completion event. The participants completed Quran 20 times in just a day. This event was hold in order to celebrate the second anniversary of Gema Quran by Al-Kautsar Mosque, RT01/03 Pedurenan Village, Jatiluhur, Jati Asih District, Bekasi on Sunday Afternoon.

    This event was participated by 105 people ranging from elementrary student to adult. They are able to complete Quran 24,7 times that day from the target of 20times a day starting from 05am to 6pm.

    The Vice Governor appreciates this event. He hopes that there will be a hafidz and hafidzah born from the village. Aside of that, he also hopes that muslim people could apply the message in Quran as it is the guidance of muslims life.

    "This is an educative event, especially for the young generation. Al-Quran should be read continuously," said The Vice Governor.

    "The more important thing is to apply the message contained in Al-Quran in our dialy activity. If we educate our children using the guidance of the Quran, there will be no misguidance," he said.

    Furthermore, The Vice Governor said that Al-Quran and As-Sunah is a guidance that came from prophet Muhammad, whether it is his saying, his doing, or his belief and cannot be seperated from human life. The two thing is the deferentiator between the good and evil.

    "Our prophet, Muhammad SAW once said that we should hold on to As-Sunnah and Al-Quran. Imagine if there is no Al-Quran and As-Sunnah. We will certainly be confuse in facing an era like this," he said.

    "If there is no Al-Qur'an, we cannot differentiate the good and evil," he said.

    Therefore, during this month of Ramadan, Aher appealed to the people to read and understand the Quran as a guidance.

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