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    Provincial Government Will Provide Waste Management Facility


    BANDUNG - West Java provincial government plans to provide the waste management facility or garbage processing facility in regional level.

    A total of two locations has ready be built and two more locations have been in the study phase for the site selection. According to the Head of the Regional Waste Management (BPSR) Settlement and Housing Boards (Diskimrum) West Java Province, Ir. Edi Bachtiar, M.Sc, two locations which are ready to be built is in Nambo Village and Lulut Village in Kalapanunggal subdistrict, Bogor in area of 55 hectares. The waste management facility aimed for servicing in Bogor and Depok.

    "Secondly, in Legok Nangka, Nagreg, Bandung regency. In the location closing permit was recorded 90 hectares, but were released had only 74.6 hectare,” said Edi to jabarprov.go.id.

    The regional waste management at Legok Nangka, will serve several regency/cities such as Bandung, including Bandung Regency, West Bandung Regency, Bandung City and Cimahi.

    Meanwhile, two more locations still being studied the site selection, which is to a regional waste management will serve in Karawang, Bekasi Regency, Bekasi City and Purwakarta. And the other one to serve the solid waste in Cirebon.

    "After the feasibility study, we will immediately make the determination of the location over 50 hectares respectively. After that, in the future there is land acquisition, planning, design, then the environmental impact analysis (Amdal), environmental permits and IMB,” he said.


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