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    This is The Reason Behind The Increasing Level of People's Consumption During Ramadan



    BANDUNG-The Chief of Family Welfare Counselling Team (TP-PKK) of West Java, Netty Prasetyani Heryawan, said that according to the data provided by the association of Retail Entrepreneur of Indonesia (APRINDO), there are an increasing level on people's consumption during Ramadan compared to the other month.

    "I see that there are three factors that resulting in this increase," said Netty during the opening ceremony of Ramadan Bazaar at the courtyard of Gedung Sate on Wednesday (22/6).

    First, Ramadan is a solidity and comodity based month. During the month of Ramadan, many people invited their relatives to have break fast meal together.

    Second, the temptation to shop in preparation to face Eid although Ramadan is not ended yet and Eid would not be started before Syawal.

    The third and the last factor is Ramadan is a month in which people are competing in good deeds such as giving financial or material assistance to the poor people. (Adi)

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