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    The Governor Officially Opened a Bazaar at Gedung Sate



    BANDUNG-In order to help the people of West Java, especially the working class, The Government of West Java, in cooperation with West Java Dharma Wanita hold a Ramadan Bazaar. The bazaar was officially opened by The Governor of West Java, Ahmad Heryawan, at Gedung Sate Parking Field.

    The Governr was accompanied by the Chairman of West Java Department of Industry and Trade, The Chairman of TP PKK, Netty Prasetyani Heryawan, Giselawati Mizwar and Head of HPU Bureau of West Java Regional Secretary. Together, they beat the rabbana, marking the opening of the Ramadan Bazaar starting today until tomorrow, Thursday (23/06).

    There are around 250 participants which devided into several categories. Among the categories are: Food category, basic needs category, and muslim apparel either for men or women.

    After the opening ceremony, The Governor visited each stands that paddled their goods such as oil, sugar, meat, and eggs. The price of local meat comodity is Rp 105.000 while imported meat is Rp 85.000 while sugar cost aroud Rp 11.000.

    In his welcoming speech, The Governor hopes that this bazaar is able to help the people in fulfilling their needs during Ramadan and towards Eid.

    Besides bazaar, they also hold a Dharma Wanita choir competition with Syam Bimbo and Jaka as the judges.

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