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    The Number of State Owned Cancer Hospital Should be Added


    BANDUNG-The Member of The Ninth Commission of The DPR RI, Adang Sudrajat, highlighted the small number of state owned cancer hospital which is only one and it is located in Jakarta named Dharmais Hospital.

    Adang said that the number of the cancer hospital should be added, because today, cancer is the number one most deathly dissease.

    "The Hospital would be inaccessible for those who lives far from Jakarta," said Adang during the press conference on Wednesday (22/6).

    Adang concerned with the condition as it will cost more for those who lives outside the Island of Java.

    "We ae concerned with the condition. It will cost more for those who lives outside the Island of Java. Even more for those who come from far away only to do a check up," said Adang.

    Adang said that the rapid transformation of variety of food and the condition of environment is accelerating the growth of cancer. On 2012, According to the data provided by WHO, there are at least 14 million cases of cancer all around the globe. On 2015, WHO released a data which shows that there are 6,25 million new sufferers.

    Therefore, Adang encouranges The Government to add the number of cancer hospital in Indonesia to serve more than 400 thousands patients.

    "In Indonesia, one state owned hospital to take care of more than 400 thousand people with cancer is very inadequate.  We need at least two more hospitals in the island of Java, Central Java and East Java, and one each on the islands of Indonesia, such as Sumatra, Kalimantan and Sulawesi, " said Adang. (Adi)

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