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    Gilarsi: Changing the Perspective towards a Mail



    BANDUNG-The General Director of PT POS Indonesia, Gilarsi W. Setijono, said that the PT POS line should change their mind set towards the main task and function of PT POS today.

    According to Gilarsi, the volume of mail delivery is decreasing with the rise of gadget/electronic mail delivery. In order to survive, PT POS should expand their business.

    "If the physical appearance of the package is no a letter, although the mass is less than 200gr, we are not calling it a letter, but we call it and existing good and we treat it like one. We need to change our mind set and not only to think about the mass of the goods," he said.

    According to Gilarsi, PT POS should be brave to compete with another private courier company which already embracing the digital era.

    "If not so, PT POS would be just a name. We cannot take care of what people already forget and leave behind," he said. (Pun)

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