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    The Fourth Commission of The House of Representative of Indonesia Republic (DPR RI) Visited Johar Market in Karawang



    KARAWANG-The Regent of Karawang, dr. Cellica Nurachdiana, together with The Fourth Commission of DPR RI, led with Edhy Prabowo, MM., MBA; The Department of Agriculture of Karawang, Bulog and BKP visited Johar Market in Karawang in order to inspect the price of several basic needs towards the Eid on Monday (20/06).

    On the working visit the delegation visited several stalls merchants ranging from rice traders, food, vegetables until meat stall. Of the work of the mind that there is an increase in the price of certain goods such as meat prices, either from chicken, beef or fish. During the visit known fish meat prices increase about 10-20% of the original price and for the local beef in the range of 120-130 thousand per kilo gram, and prices of broiler chickens Rp. 26,000 per kilo gram.

    For the price of rice according to the Ministry of Agriculture is in the range of Rp. 9800 per kilogram of medium quality, the price of peanuts dikisaran Rp. 26,000 per kilogram. In addition to the price increase d number of items, there is also a price decline for prices of vegetables like chilli and onion. the price of red chili Rp. 18,000 per kilo is now down in the range of Rp. 15,000 per kilogram. Onion price Rp. 27,000 per kilo is now down to Rp. 26,000 per kilogram.

    From the monitoring also found some unidentified items contain active ingredients such as formaldehyde and borax are contained in bulk noodles and also in kikil cows. Officers from POM body had been taking samples of foodstuffs containing the active ingredient in order to do further research.

    The event closed with awarding plaques to dr. Celica Nurachadiana an appreciation of Commission IV of the House of Representatives on diadakanya land sustainable food program which, according Edhy Purabowo can synergize well. Additionally Edhy Prabowo, submit proposals on behalf of the House of Representatives Commission IV to dr. Celica Nurrachadiana to create a specialized research organizations rice pointless as the regulatory body groove rice in Karawang regency. (@MAYA)

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