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    During The Recess, The West Java DPRD Found that The Number of "Kumis" Region in Bandung Reached 30%



    BANDUNG-Similar to the previous year DPRD recess, this year, the DPRD spent their recess time by gaining people aspiration and inspecting several location.

    From several location, The DPRD found that the Slum and Poor (Kumis)" regions in Bandung is reaching 30% as stated by the member of The West Java House of Regional Representative (DPRD), Sunatra in his statement to MB on Mid-June 2016.

    Furthermore, Sunatra said that some Kumis regions are found in several location, namely Kiaracondong, Regol, and Cidadap. With those finding, the problem of slum region is need to be resolve by The Government of Bandung City.

    According to the aspiration that is gained from the slum region, the people of the slum are in need of a direct cash assistance from the Government. The assistance is needed in order to empower the society. It is better for The Government to give assistance in a form of a capital for them to build their own business.

    As for the infrastructure, the people is in need of a residence improvement programme such as Rutilahu programme. Every aspiration gained can be use to decrease the number of slum and poor region in Bandung with the help of the City Budget, Province Budget, and the State Budget through the DAK post. (MPH)

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