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    Aher's 50th Birthday was Celebrated with Orphans and People With Disabilities



    BANDUNG-The Governor of West Java, Ahmad Heryawan, turned 50 on Sunday (19/6/2016) and his modest birthday party was celebrated together with the orphans and people with disabilities with a break fasting event in Pakuan building, Bandung.

    As much as 250 orphans and people with disabilities pray for Aher as the representative from people with disabilities in a wheel chair, Arga Bisma and Sania from YPAC Bandung led the prayer. They pray for Kang Aher to always get help and blessing of Allah.

    After the prayers recited, persons with deaf disabilities along with Mrs. Netty Prasetiyani sang happy birthday. The deaf sang happy birthday with sign language as the bling sang the song out loud.

    After that, Aher's family, being represented by his children, brought out a birthday cake. Aher blew the candle on the cake in front of his wife and children.

    Aher recieved a birthday wishes from his family and a painting as a birthday present from the people with disabilities and his family.

    Earlier on the event, Netty told a story about a kid who likes to help his parents by selling food while in school. As he grown up, the kid who likes to recite The Holy Qur'an often invited around the village to deliver his lecture as a young ustadz, said Netty

    Because of his strong will in learning about the religion, the kid goes to Saudi Arabia to study. After he went back to Indonesia and into politics, today, the kid is the Governor of West Java named Ahmad Heryawan. As Netty told the story, a teacher from YPAC translated it into sign language so that the deaf could also understand the story.

    On the ocassion, Aher gave the orphans and children with disabilities a gift in a form of a bag along with its contents, icluding stationaries.

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