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    Giselawati Mizwar, Opening Business Incubator of Craftsman Woman


    BANDUNG -Vice Chairman of the National Craft Council (Dekranasda) West Java Province, Giselawati Mizwar opening an event with theme "Capacity Building and Strengthening Competitiveness Craftsman Women's Business Incubator Starter Potential Dekranasda West Java Province" in the Office of Dekranasda, West Java, Bandung, (3/10).

    Giselawati Mizwar said UMKM are an integral part of entrepreneurs in West Java that has a role and strategic potential in the equalisation process, improve household incomes and economic growth. Also can be a bulwark of the economy including tackling growing unemployment due to layoffs.

    "The activities of the business incubator is a program of sustainable development for the growth and development of new entrepreneurs through training and mentoring concept of the aspects of production, marketing aspects, financial aspects, aspects of the organisation's management of funds," he said.

    Giselawati hopes women entrepreneurs can be more intelligent and skilled, able to position the business and focus on competencies when starting a business. So it can be an inspiration in particular craft business development in the future.

    The elected businessman were selected and tested by Dekranasda West Java and Dekranasda District / City for Business Incubator. This event was followed by 26 regencies / cities in West Java from October 2 to 4 2015 in the Office of the National Crafts Council of West Java Province.


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