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    The Revoked Regulation Must be Announced


    BANDUNG-The Vice Chairman of The Second Commission of The House of Regional Representative of Indonesian Republic (DPR RI), Almuzzammil Yusuf, demanded the Government to announce the revoked regulation publicly.


    "The Government should be transparent, because The Local Government, The Local House of Regional Representative (DPRD), and the people should know which regional regulation that are revoked. They also wanted to know the reason behind this revocation from the Minister of Internal Affairs," he said during the press conference on Saturday (18/06).

    Almmuzzamil adds that the local Government and DPRD should know which regulation that is revoked, because according to the law No. 23 of 2014, the local Government only have 14 days to submit their objection to the central Government.

    "In the article 251 paragraph 7 and 8, it is stated that if the local Government refuse the decision of the central Government to revoke a certain regional regulation with the law justified ground, The local Government have 14 days time to submit their objection to the central Government," he said.

    Aside of that, Almmuzzamil said that the information regarding the revoked regulation must be immediately responded by the local Government, because if the local Government failed to know the revoked regulation and they keep apply the regulation on their region, according to article No. 252, the local regulation will be suspended for eveluation of the regional regulation plan and an administrative punishment will be applied to the head of the region and DPRD in a form of unpaid financial rights.

    "Another punishment is the DAU and/or DBH suspending or cutting for the concerned region. Therefore, the local Government and DPRD have the rights to be the first to know the list of the revoked regulation," he said,

    Thus, Almmuzzamil thinks that the central Government cannot just revoked a regulation as they see fit, because in evaluating the quality of a regional regulation, the central Government cannot just blame the local Government or the DPRD, but they need to also evaluate the work of the Ministry of Human Rights and Legal Affairs whose task is to give technical counseling and supervision in the regional regulation plan facilitation sector.

    "So, there should be an in depth evaluation whether the Ministry has behaved," he said.

    Accordig to Almmuzzamil, to this date, the local Government, DPRD, as well as the people question the spreading information of revoking a regulation which contains morality, religion, and local culture. (Adi)


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