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    The President is Demanded to Listen to People's Aspiration



    BANDUNG-Although The Government denies to revoke the Islamic regional regulation and the alcohol prohibition regulaton, the people reside in the region, both religious figure and public figure in whose region found both regulation is asked to sent a letter to the President and The Ministry of Internal Affairs.

    This letter is to explain how important the regional regulation is to the people in each regions. This explanation is important so that the President and The Ministry of Internal Affairs are able to see from the perspective of people living in Indonesian regional area, and not the perspective of people living in the capital city as stated by Fahira during her press conference of Friday (17/06).

    According to the Chairman of the III Committee of The House of Regions Representative (DPD RI), Fahira Idris, she get an information after having a discussion with the General Directorate of Autonomous Regions, Sumarsono, that to this date, there are no Islamic regulation (an intolerant one) and alcohol prohibition regulation that is revoked. The regulation that are clearly revoked are the regulation which slows down invesment, development, and permission. As for another regional regulation is still in progress as it needs a long discussion and the people's aspirations. Therefore, this is a good momentum for the people in regional area to sent their aspiration towards the President, in order to keep the islamic regulation and alcohol prohibition regulation ih their regions.

    "Maybe until today, the people who give their aspiration to president regarding Islamic regulation are the one that does not like the regulation and see it as an intolerant regulation, or those who see the regulation from the perspective of Jakarta only. Thus, we need to balance everything by also sending our aspiration to the President. What is autonomy if our thinking is still influence by Jakarta," she said.

    Fahira also demands the Government to always involve DPD RI in every process of revoking a regulation, because DPD is the representation of the regional people in the national level. Aside of that, DPD is willing to facilitate a dialogue room between the head of a region or the people organisation in the region to express their aspiration to the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

    "We demand the Ministry of Internal Affairs to always involves DPD RI, because the one that dirctly affected by the act of revoking a regional regulation is our constituent on the regional area. The people in the regional area also have the right to express their aspiration to their senators of each region so that later, the aspiration can be delivered to the Minister of Internal Affairs," said Fahira.

    Fahira reveals that the confusion regarding the regulation revocation is the result of the unpublish list of the regulation which is revoked along with the reason behind the revocation and also the result of the different statement of the officer in The Ministry of Internal Affairs on the mass media. There are some officers who said that the Islamic regulation and alcohol prohibition will be revoked while the Minister himself denies this statement.

    "This is what makes a confusion amidst the people. Therefore, i demanded the publication of the revoked regulation so that everything will become clearer. If the revoked regulations are the one that slows don investment, development and permission, I am sure that the people would support it. Let us reduce the intensity level, there are a lot more problem this country needs to resolve," said the Senator.

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