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    The "Safari Ramadan" of The Minister of PAN-RB to Bogor



    BOGOR-Every public service units must have an innovation in order to improve the quality of public service which has become the programme of President Joko Widodo since 2015. "I visit Bogor as a series of my safari Ramadan. This time the theme is disciplinary supervision of civil apparatus and the improvement of public services," said Yuddy during his working visit to Bogor, on Friday (10/6).

    First, he visited the office of The Ministry of Environment and Forestry Acrhive Centre Units. Yuddy was accompanied by the Deputy of Public Service Department of The Ministry of PAN-RB, Diah Natalisa; The Head of Legal, Communication, and Public Information (HKIP) Bureau, Herman Suryatman; and The Regent of Bogor, Nurhayanti.

    Yuddy visited almost every corner of the office and said that the condition of the office is like a trash bin. "This office is like a trash bin. It supposed to be selected archives only that the central Ministry stored here. The Sub-Division Chief should deliver his suggestion to the Ministry," said Yuddy.

    Yuddy said that he will ask the Head of ANRI to help the office with this issue.

    Meanwhile, The Chief of Documentation and Archive Sub-Division, Rusdi Mursanto said that his sub-division has deliver the suggestion and complaint regarding this matter to the Ministry, even they have conducted counseling, training, meeting, socialisation, and creating a regulation regarding this archive issue. "But, the most difficult problem is that eventhough we have already provide them with training or counseling, the personnel keep doing the same thing," said Rusdi.

    The office of Land Affairs of Bogor Regency was Yuddy's second stop. As he arrived, he immediately check the queuing system which by the time was crowded, because the electronic queuing system has been broken for a week.

    Yuddy also listens to Endang, one of the visitor as she tells him what he feels about the institution. Endang said that the standard operating rocedure of the institution is not clear. "I have been waiting here since 10am and I have not hear my name called. When I arrived, no one told me about the status of my land property and they just told me to come to court," said Endang.

    Yuddy said that this kind of complaint should be followed up. Besides, the broken electronic queuing system is what caused the people to complaint in the first place. "If in fact the electronic queuing system has been broken for a week, there should be a coordinaton between staffs so a complaint like what just hapened could be avoided. She was angry, because there is an uncertainty. Everything should be clear and transparent," said Yuddy.

    His visit was ended in Bogor Police Resort and afterwards visited the First Class Immigration office of Bogor City.

    According to Yuddy, There is an innovation needed from the chairman of Bogor Immigration Office in order to provide a more comfortable service for the applicant. "There should be a breakthrough in order to reduce the queue. The solution could be either they start operating early in the morning like what they do in South Jakarta, or conducting door-to-door system, or even opens a booth in a Mall like what they do in Surabaya," said Yuddy.

    Minister Yuddy also visited Tanah Sareal Village of Bogor City, Bogor BKPP, Integrated Capital Licensing Service of Bogor City, and Bogor Police Resort. (ns/HUMAS MENPAN-RB)

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