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    A Member of The House Highlighted Fish Import Policy



    BANDUNG-The Member of The IV Commission of The House of Representative of Indonesian Republic, Akmal Pasluddi, highlights the policy regarding fish import which was issued by the Government recently.

    According to Akmal, the policy has caused the traditional fisherman to suffer, because they put their hopes on the protection and empowerment of the Government.

    "Fisheries sector which should be able to maintain the sustainability of food is now imported instead of taking benefit from the traditional fishermen," said Akmal during a press conference on Friday (17/06).

    Furthermore, Akmal said that there is an oddity in this policy and it can be seen from the data reference of the Ministry of Marine and Fisheries of 2014 which stated that the total production of fisheries on the sea is showing an increasing trend.

    The data shows that on 2009, the amount of fich catched was only 4.812.235 ton, but it drastically increasing on 2014 to 5.779.990 ton.

    "The Government said that to this date, the fishermen catch does not met the industry requirement. In fact, the fish production of Indonesian fishermen is very high, for example, mackarel and tuna and the quality is very good, especially the one catched in the East region of Indonesia," he said.

    Akmal adds that among those East Indonesian Regions are Nusa Tenggara, Sulawesi, Maluku and Papua. On the other hand, the highest demand is coming from the big cities in the Island of Java. Aside of the limited logistic structure and infrastructure in order to be able to provide fresh products, The Government, according to Akmal, is too lazy to carry the good quality fish from the East Indonesian region to the Island of Java.

    "A solid evidence can be found on the data provided from The Ministry of Marine and Fisheries itself on the amount of tuna catch. on 2009, the national catch of tuna is 163.965 ton; while on 2004 it increased to 310.560 ton; and on 2015, our catch is competing with australia and higher than china," he said.

    Aside of that, Akmal also thinks that there should be at least three crucial issues which need to get an attention from the Government.

    First, The Government is not yet to focus to the distribution line of fisheries products. Second, the issuance of ship operating permit is slow. Third, logistic system of fisheries product is still promitive and thus makes it hard to stabilise fish supply to the processing industry.

    "The Government should maximise the NFLS (National Fish Logistic System) which has been launched last 2014. If they imported mackarel, it is make sense, but once they import tuna or baby tuna it starts to become ridiculous and does not makes any sense," Akmal closed his statement. (Adi)

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