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    ABK Education Fighters Awarded by West Java Government


    BANDUNG - West Java Provincial Government gave awards to the ABK teachers in West Java.

    The award was handed by the Provincial Secretary of West Java, H. Iwa Karniwa at the event of MURI record on Sunday (31/10).

    They were given the award are Prof. H. Iim Wasliman as a developer and driving force in implementing inclusive education in West Java so that West Java become an inclusive province.

    Furthermore, Elon Carlan, Spd, an alumni of SLB in Tuna Netra who have succeeded and have conducted dissemination of rights of children with special needs (ABK) now becomes the Head of Education, Youth and Sports Welfare Section in Kuningan District.

    The awards were also given to Hj. Encum Haerani is one of the many fighters in education for children with special needs in Bandung. And also Hilmi Mubarok as creator gymnastics cheerful for children with special needs. Then Asep Hidayat, as creator mars of PK PLK.

    Awards were also given to Putri Gayatri, SMAN I Banjaran student who has launched a campaign at the United Nations on education for children with special needs.

    H. Iwa Karniwa invites all parties to continue to foster a spirit that children with special needs can be equal as the other children, even more.

    "West Java Provincial Government with all parents should continue to support children with special needs to improve their skill, performance, independence and also their self-confidence," he said.


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