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    Fasting is Reducing the Risk of Diabetes



    BANDUNG-"Shaum" or widely known as fasting is having a lot of benefits for human body.

    An Endocrine Sub Specialised Internist of Hasan Sadikin Hospital, dr. Miftah Rahman, Sp.PD, said that from the perspective of an internist, among the benefits of fasting are the transformation of cell function, gene and hormone will act as a fat burning factor.

    "Growth gorome will increase 5 times more which is trigered by the increase of ghrelin hormone which act as a fat burning factor, increasing muscle mass and inducing cell improvement," said Miftah during a dicussion in RSHS on Tuesday (14/06).

    According to Miftah, aside of losing weight, non-adrenaline hormone wil increase and preventing fat to grow, improving metabolism until 14% and in the end it will be used as a source of energy during fasting.

    "By losing weight, the risk of getting the second type of diabetes mellitus is reducing, reducing oxidative stress, improving the cholesterol level and uric acid, improving heart and brain health," said Miftah. (Parno)

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