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    Indonesia is The Host of PrepCom 3



    BANDUNG-Indonesia will be the host of the international meeting of Preparatory Committee (PrepCom) 3 in Surabaya on July 25-37, 2016.  According to the Head of The Public Communication Bureau of The Ministry of General Works and Residential (PUPR), Velix Wanggai, PrepCom is a meeting of ministers from 198 countries in order to prepare the implementation of Habitat Conference 3 which will take place in Ecuador, next October.

    "So, The UN is planning what so called Habitat Conference which will be hold once every 20 years. The Habitat conference will discuss the problem regarding continuous development of a city from every aspects and sectors. Well, in preparing for the Conference, we hold three PrepComs which the last one will be hold in Surabaya July 25-27, 2016 and will be participated by 190 countries," he said.

    According to Velix, the issues that will become the main discussion are urbanisation, village and city connection, health problem, unemployment, etc.

    "On the PrepCom we will discuss some strategic matters regarding the development of a city, village and city connection, urbanisation, etc. The planned issues later must be agreed by every party in order to be the issue discussed in the Habitat Conference next October," said Velix. (Pun)

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