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    Be The Kind of Athlete That Make West Java Proud



    BANDUNG-The Governor of West Java, Ahmad Heryawan, told the athlete of West Java that will be competing on PON to make West Java proud by engraving achievement on the event.

    "Be the athlete that make West Java proud through this national eve; competition. You must be mentally and physically ready in order to achieve the winning title," said The Governonr to in Pakuan building, on Wednesday June 15, 2016.

    Furthermore, The Governor said that The Government of West Java is trying to understand the complication of each athlete during the training process.

    All of the hardship during the training process would be all paid off as West Java becoming the winner and triumphed in the land of legend. "Sometimes the athletes just hate every second they gone through during the training process, but it would be all paid off when he becomes a winner and getting the golden medal," he said.

    The Governor also belives that both the athletes and official are very professional in preparing them selves to face the competition during PON on September 2016 eventhough it coincides with the fasting month. "I believe they manage to set their schedule right. If usually they train every morning and afternoon, during the fasting month, they train near the breakfasting during the dusk. Some athletes are fasting."

    The Govenor said that there will be a bonus for the winning athletes. He already prepare the best for the athletes of West Java, but the amount is still classified. "I guarantee the amount will be much bigger than the one during the PON 2012 in Riau," he said. (NR)

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