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    NC212i has been Equipped with Auto-Pilot



    BANDUNG-PTDI is now trusted to single handedly produce the NC212i aircraft. This aircraft is having more adventage compared to the similar aicraft.
    Simet Kaban, The Programme Manager of NC212i of PTDI, said that many countries has come to recognise the adventage given by this aircraft.
    "Today, PTDI is processing 2 orders from Philipine and 3 orders from Vietnam which every process of its production starting from Fuselage, Center Wing, Outer Wing, Outer Flap, Inner Flap, Aileron, Vertical Stabilizer, Rudder, Horizontal Stabilizer, Elevator, every Door starting from Pilot Door, Passenger Door, Ramp Door, Forward Door dan Emergency Door is made in PTDI which will be granted with EASA certificate by the late 2016 of early 2017," he said.
    The configuration  difference between NC212-400 and NC212i is on its avionic. NC212i is using a digital avionic and has been equipped with auto-pilot which will ease the pilot in doing configuration. In NC 212-200 the avionic rack is located on the nose of the aircraft which enables the aircraft to contain more passanger.
    Another difference is that NC212i is using winglet to reduce air resistance and using a square window which enables the passanger to look outside the aircraft.
    The cooperation of PTDI and CASA has been established since 1976 when PTDI was established and granted with lisence to produce C212 from CASA Spain which later becomes NC212. On 2012, PTDI and Airbus Defence and Space have signed a cooperation in Jakarta International Expo to produce NC212i, Kemayoran, Jakarta.
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