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    NC 212i Aircraft is Fully Made in Bandung



    BANDUNG-212i Aircracft is a new generation of multipurpose aircraft with a capacity of 28 passenger, provided with a ramp door, large cabin on its class, navigation system and modern communication system, lower operational budget and competitive in the class of small aircraft.

    This aircraft is can also be used as a rain maker, maritime patrol, and a coastal guard. The previous generation aircraft which is C212 has been used by several countries namely Thailand, Philipine, South Africa, Spain, United Arab Emirates, Chile, and Mexico.

    "Today, the NC212i is fully made by PT Dirgantara Indonesia (Persero) (PTDI) means that PTDI is the only company that is producing this aircraft," said the Public Relation Manager of PTDI, Irland Budiman.

    All of the process of producing this aircraft is done in Bandung, because the Airbus Defence and Space has handed over all of the production facility to PTDI starting from jig and tools until its slow mover material which was initially located in Spain.

    If Airbus Defence and Space recieved an NC212i order, PTDI is the only company that will produce the aircraft, because Airbus Defence and Space has focused their production to only an airbus. Jo

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