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    Acep is Now The Official Regent of Kuningan



    BANDUNG-The Governor of West Java has officially inaugurated The Devinitive Regent of Kuningan of 2013-2018. This promotion is done in accordance to the Minister of Internal Affairs' decree No. 131.32-4994 of 2016 regarding the dismissal of The Regent of Kuningan. The Minister of Internal Affair has decided, established, and authorised the honorable discharge of Utje Chairiyah Hamid Suganda from her position as a Regent and effective since April 7, 2016.

    Along with it, The Minister of Internal Affairs issued another decree which is decree No. 131.32-4995 regarding the promotion of The Vice Regent of Kuningan to fill the position of Regent. The Minister of Internal Affairs has decided, established, and authorised the promotion of Acep Purnama, The Vice Regent of Kuningan, to fill the position of Regent with in the remainder of the 2013-2018 term. Effective since the day of the inauguration until the end of his terms of service.

    Present during the inauguration of the new Regent of Kuningan are The Chairman of West Java House of Regional Representative, Ineu Purwadewi Sundari; The Chief of West Java Regional Police, Irjen. Bambang Waskito;The Commander of The III Regional Military Command/Siliwangi, Mayjend. TNI Hadi Presojo; The members of West Java Forkopimda; West Java Regional Secretary, Iwa Karniwa; The Chairman of Bureaus; Experts Staffs and the Head of West Java Government Organisations, The Heads of West Java KPU and Bawaslu; The Chairman of Political Parties; Community Organisations; and The West Java Public Figures.

    The Governor of West Java demanded to the new Regent of Kuningan to carry out his responsibility truthfully and to create pro-poor policy which will tackle problem of poverty, pro-job policy which will ressolve the problem of unemployment, pro-growth policy which will become the factor to accelerate the economic increase, and pro-environment which will preserve the environment.

    These policies are important, because it will make the Government of Kuningan clean and ran safely. It will also become the factor to realise the vision of Kuningan Regency which are independent, religious, and prosperous by the year 2018.

    "Personally, in the name of The Central Government and The Government of West Java, I congratulate Mr. Acep Purnama who is now officially become the Regent of Kuningan during te remainder of the 2013-2018 term," said Ahmad Heryawan in the West Hall of Gedung Sate, on Tuesday June 14, 2016.

    The Governor advised Acep to focused the local development in the improvement of education accessibility which must be supported by at least 20% of the regional budget.

    As for the Health sector, The Governor encourages the Government of Kuningan Regency to improve the service in Posyandu, Local Hospital, and the improvement of PHBS which must be supported by at least 10% of the regional budget.

    "I especially demand the new regent to pay attention on the people's buying power which only reach Rp 557.490 on 2015 and to ressolve the poverty problem," He said.

    Thus, The Government appealed to the new Regent to set the alignment of the budget to the development of roads and bridges infrastructure to increase connectivity and accelerate the economic growth.

    The Government also demands the new Regent to improve the agricultural sector by improving the irigation system as this is the superior sector of Kuningan regency which on 2014 has contribute 23,23% to the PDRB of Kuningan Regency.

    "I also encourages the Regent to focus on creating the development of agropilitan and local tourism policy which based on the utilisation of people's economy and local resources," said The Governor.

    As for the Governance sector, The Governor appreciates and encourages the Regional Government of Kuningan Regency to maintain their unqualified opinion towards the result of LKPD inspection from BPK which they have achieve twice in a row and to continuously apply the principle of a Good Governance, Actual Government accounting system, and to perfect the regional assets data base.

    On the ocassion, The Government present an award to the previous Regent of Kuningan Utje Chairiyah Hamid Suganda. The award was given in accordance to the Governor decree No. 861/642-BKD/2016 regarding an awards for Utje Chairiyah Hamid Suganda. The Governor has decided to award Utje for her contribution during her terms of service and this decree is effective from the day she was passed away on April 7, 2016.

    The award is in a form of certificate of merit and was given to her husband, Aang Hamid Suganda.

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