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    In Order to Avoid Domestic Violence, Parents Should Educate Children by taking Prophet as an Example



    BANDUNG-The Chairman of The Integrated Service for Women and Children Empowerment (P2TP2A) of West Java, Netty Heryawan said that the phenomena of domestic violence which rampant in today's society is rooting from the violence tree. It is ironic and alarming to see the future generation of this nation grew without good character and withered before blossom.

    "The root of the violence is poverty and power relation. The supporting factors are early mariage, disharmony, and misguided education towards children as well as alcoholism and pronography exposure," said Netty during in his lecture in "Jalan Cinta Ramadan 2" event which is initiated by Majelis Darul Akhirat (MDA) in TSM Great Mosque , Bandung on Tuesday (14/06/16).

    Naturally, as a parent, they should take care and protect their children and going the opposite way. "It is inevitable that the rapid development of technology is affecting moral value and parenting," said Netty.

    Furthermore, Netty explained kinds of parents inparenting their children, namely, parents that is lost who wish their children to have good characteristic without giving any example. Paying parents who look for the best school that is able to guide their children to achieve something good in life. Aware parents who understands what a good parenting means and deals with their children's characteristic first hand.

    "I would like to tell you the message of the prophet which says 'Educate your children to get to know their prophet, introduce and make them understand the meaning of a family like the prophet's family and intoduce them to Quran'," said Netty.

    Finally, Netty hopes that during this month of Ramadan, all of the family in West Java can maintain togetherness in order to avoid children from getting contaminated by bad behaviour.

    On a different ocassion, Netty said that the mergence of social insecurity is the results of violence towards children and women. The act of violence that is one by the perpetrator affects the society deeply she said during the National Consolidation of Women Alliance Forum entitled "Wome Security Role Based on Social Insecurity Level" in the Hall of Creative Industry Faculty of Telkon University, Bandung on Monday (13/06/16).

    Netty Explained that according to The Minister of Security, Social insecurty is a prolonged social unrest and a result of community disagreement.

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