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    Indonesian Bank (BI) Holds a Cheap Market Event



    BANDUNG-Located in Kiaracondong station courtyard. Indonesian Bank (BI) together with West Java Banks hold a Cheap Market event which will take place from June 14-16, 2016.

    Rosmaya Hadi, The Chief Representative of West Java BI said that there are at least 9 comodities that will be sold in the event and the comodities are were prepared by BULOG and PT PPI (Persero).

    Among the Comodities are eggs (Rp 19.000/Kg), fresh beef (Rp 80.000/Kg), poultry (Rp 31.000/Kg), red onion (Rp 29.000/Kg), sugar (Rp 11.700/Kg), flour (Rp 7.000/Kg), and cooking oil (Rp 11.500/Litre). Aside of that, BULOG also sells medium quality rice for only Rp 7.900/Kg and premium rice for Rp 11.000/Kg.

    "This is a joint project between banks and not a Government subsidised programme. This event is intended to help the people to afford the basic needs," he said on Tuesday (14/6).

    There are nine banks that is involved in this event including BULOG and PT PPI. JO

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