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    Sarong Industry Expand Their Business


    BANDUNG-Sarong Industry in Majalaya that has been operational for 30 years is expanding their business as stated by sarong entrepreneur, Joko, to jabarprov.go.id on Tuesday (14/6).

    According to Joko, Expansion is needed in order to anticipate the decrease of demands as well as to preserve the 30 years family industry.

    The expansion products are mukena and muslim apparel that is made out of various kinds of fabrics. The expansion is potential, because fabric is a common material in Majalaya.

    This expansion product is enthused by consumer, although it only reached local market as for now they only distributed their products to Central Java.

    Because of this expansion, the demands towards sarong is increasing. From his company records it is seen that during ramadan, the demand for sarong reached 200 scores and the demands for mukena and muslim apparel increasing 30%. (NR)

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