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    The Government of West Java Reveals The Performance of BPR


    BANDUNG-The Government of West Java reveals the performance of one Regional Government Own Enterprises whih is PT BPR. The explanation regarding their performance was delivered by The Government of West Java during the plenary session on Monday (13/6).

    According to the Governor, the deviden that is accepted by the Regional Government from PT BPR is continuously increasing. On 2013, the deviden reached Rp 3.986.000.000, on 2014 it reached Rp and on 2015 it reached Rp

    In order to improve the preformance of PT BPR, The Government of West Java prioritise the loan for the farmer, fishermen, and SME's entrepreneurs in accordance to the potential of the regional concerned.

    As fof the capital allowance, the fund is allocated only to fulfill the minimum capital and not directly given in a form of credit.

    Meanwhile, for the business plan, PT BPR will keep being the people's bank which provide the need of productive business in SME's scale. In the future it is possible for BPR to become BPR syariah.

    On the other hand, in order to optimise the performance, Governor has merge several BPR branch. Today, there is only 32 branches of BPR. (NR)

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