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    The Basic Needs Bazaar will be Continuously Conducted


    BANDUNG-During ramadan, in order to fullfil the people basic needs supply, The Government will continuously hold basic need bazaar.

    The bazaar will be hold in several governmental organisation in The Government of West Java. One of the bazaar will be hold in the Department of livestock (Disnak) of West Java as stated by the Head of The Department, Doddy Firman Nugraha on Monday afternoon (13/6).

    The bazaar that is going to be held on Disnak of West Java will tokk place on Friday, June 17 2016. The bazaar will involves the entrepreneur.

    The superior products that is going to be offered are beef, eggs, and many ready to eat food product that is made out of livestock goods.

    Meanwhile, The Head of The Department of Industry and Managenet of West Java, Hening Widiyatmoko said that the same bazaar would be held by her department.

    This bazaar is a part of OPM in Bandung. Hening said that in Bandung OPM will be hold in Cinambo and Kiaracondong on June 14, 2016. (NR)

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