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    Aher will Assist The Development of Karawang Great Mosque


    KARAWANG-The Governor of West Java, Ahmad Heryawan gave an aid for the poor people in Karawang as much as Rp 50 Million. The aid was symbolically recieved by The Vice Regent of Karawang.

    The Government of West Java also gave assistance to the development of Karawang Great Mosque. The Governor exressed this matter during his welcoming speech in safari ramadan event in Karawang Great Mosque on Monday (13/6).
    Aher also explained the important role of Karawang Great Mosque. According to him, Karawang Great Mosque is the first mosque to ever be build on the Island of Java by Syekh Hasanudin or known by Syekh Quro.
    Aher said that the existence of a mosque in a region is very important in social life especially to form the people's character. When someone enters a mosque he will not commits crime or sin.
    "Hopefully, as someone get out of a mosque he will remember his sin and manage to change his attitude," he said.
    Mosque is where good deed is coming from. After the establishment of a mosque, a positive activity should be carried out inside of it.
    "Don't let a mosque empty after the development is completed," he said.
    In its true nature, Mosque will bring positive vibe to its surrounding area.
    "Our prophet Muhammad once said that by the end of the age there will be mosques which is empty. Let us not be that kind of society who abandoned their own mosque," he said.
    Furthermore, he said that it is the duty of the Government to make their people comfortable to linger long in a mosque.
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