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    The Government Allocates Rp 15 Billion for Cheap Market Operation 2016



    BANDUNG-The Government of West Java allocated Rp 15 Billion for Cheap Market Operation 2016. The budget will be used to subsidise the people main need so that the people could afford it.

    The Head of The Department of Industry and trade of West Java, Hening Widyatmoko said that the scope and guidance of this programme is including the trade of food comodity which is done by the comodity provider with a subsidised price.

    "The budget is allocated from the regional budget and as much as Rp 15 Billion," said Hening on Monday (13/6).

    He said that the kind of comodities that is provided are premium rice, crystal sugar, cooking oil, eggs, poultry, and beef.

    The amount of subsidy for each comodities are: rice Rp 5000/KG, sugar Rp 6000/KG, cooking oil Rp 6000/litre, eggs Rp 10.000/KG, Poultry Rp 17.000/KG, beef Rp 60.000/KG.

    "We use coupon system. Each family will be given with one coupon," she said.

    This programme named KEPOKMAS will be hold in each regency and city in West Java except Depok City, Sukabumi Regency, and Bekasi Regency. Astana Anyar, June 8-9, 2016; Sukajadi, June 14-15, 2016; Gedung Sate June 22-23; Soreang June 3, 2016; Baleendah, June 6, 2016; Majalaya June 10, 2016; While in June 13, 2016 KEPOKMAS will be hold in Kosambi Market, Cihaurgeulis Market, Sederhana Market, Antri Market dan Cimindi Market. (Pun)



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