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    Students of SLB Breaks MURI Record on Cheerful Gymnastics


    BANDUNG-Thousands of students from schools for disabled children (SLB) wore sports clothes, and gathered at the hall of monument Perjuangan on Saturday (31/10) morning.

    The students of SLB from districts/cities in West Java seems like eager to do cheerful gymnastics that accompaniment by joyous music to breaks MURI record. These records as a dedication from children with special needs (ABK) to the Provincial Government of West Java to West Java Kahiji.

    “It watched by thousands people, and they have conducted the cheerful gymnastics. Indonesian World Records Museum has been verified as much as 13 259 children with special needs to take part in this activity,” said Awan Rahargo, Representative MURI to jabarprov.go.id.

    Therefore, MURI proudly and respectfully appreciate these activities by providing a Certificate of MURI Appreciation that noted on No.7163/R.MURI/X/2015 of the biggest participants of SLB students in Gymnastics records.

    "With pride and honour, we submit these MURI certificates to the proponent of this event, Government of West Java Province," he said.

    This event was attended by Provincial Secretary of West Java, H. Iwa Karniwa, Assistant Social Welfare Secretariat of West Java Province, Ahmad Hadadi, Head of Education Boards of West Java Province Asep Hilman, Director of Special Education and Special Services Directorate of Primary and Secondary Education and the Ministry of Education and Culture, Srirenani Pancastuti and other officials.

    After the activity, MURI record certificates submitted by Cloud Rahargo and received by the Provincial Secretary of West Java, H. Iwa Karniwa as representative of West Java Provincial Government.


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