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    The People of West Java is Asked to Pray for Masjidil Aqsha



    BANDUNG-The Imam of Masjidil Aqsha, Syeikh Ikriman Shabri asked the support and prayer of the people of West Java so that Masjidil Aqsha could escape the grip of jewish people.

    Syeikh Ikriman Shabri said that Masjidil Aqsha is a third holy place after Masjidil Haram and Masjidil Nabawi which are not only belongs to Palestinian but also belongs to every muslims in the world that is neede to be taken care and to be protected from any kind of threat.

    He said that matter during the tarawih prayer in Istiqamah Mosque, Bandung, on Sunday (12/06/16). "Every muslim in the world have responsibility towards Masjidil Aqsha. If we neglected it, it means there is something wrong with our aqidah and faith," he said.

    On the ocassion, Syeikh Ikriman Shabri told the story about how Palestinian fighting around the clock to protect Masjidhil Aqsha from any kind of Israeli's threat.

    "In Palestine, we fight 24 hours a day to protect Masjidil Aqsha from Israeli's effort to demolish it." he also expressed his greeting and honor to Indonesian people for our commitment in fighting for the freedom of Palestine.

    "Greeting from your brother in Palestine and we would like to express our gratitude to the Indonesian President, Mr. Governor and all of Indonesian people for your supports. I hope God listens to our prayer and one day we will be able to pray together in Masjidil Aqsha," he said.

    In response to that, The Governor of West Java, Ahmad Heryawan said that defending and protecting Masjidil Aqsha is fardhu 'ain for the muslims means it is mandatory. No matter where they are, muslim people must fight for the freedom of Palestine.

    Aher said that a week ago, he visited Masjidil Haram and Nabawu but not Masjidhil Aqsha because the condition makes it impossible. Gradually, the Israeli push the Palestinian to get out of their homeland.

    Aher hopes that the people of West Java continuously pray for Palestine so that it could escape from the grip of the jewish. "I hope the visit of Syeikh Ikriman Shabri to West Java brings blessing for Masjidil Aqsha," he said.

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