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    The Imam of Al-Aqsa Mosque Visited The Asian-African Conference Museum



    BANDUNG-The Imam of Al-Aqsa Mosque, Palestina visited The Asian-African Conference Museum at Jl. Asia Afrika, Bandung during his two days visit in Bandung on Sunday (12/6).

    Syeikh Ikrimah was enthusiast to see the picture of the conference in 1955.

    During the press conference held after the visit, Syeikh Ikrimah said that Palestina is the first country that recognises the independence of Indonesia on 1945, and now it is time for Palestina to ask for support and assistance from Indonesia in order to achieve its independence from zionist occupiers, Israel.

    "Don't worry about the life condition of our people, during Ramadan like this, we fast and we are not suffering from famine, we have enough food. What we need right now is our independence as a sovereign nation," said Syeikh Ikramah in Arabic which is translated by KNRP translator.

    Syeikh Ikramah ask more assistance from non-Arabic country, because the arabic countries such as The Arab Emirates is not giving enough assistance for them.

    "The Arab Emirates is unable to do much. Leave alone Palestina as a country even to defend Al-Aqsa, The Arab Emirates is unable to do much," he said.

    The kind of assistance they need is moral assistance and not logistics assistance. According to Syeikh Ikrimah Shabri, moral assistance is what they need to achieve their independence. (Pun)

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