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    Bulog Sells Poultry That Cost only Rp 31.000/KG



    BANDUNG-The Head of Regional III Bulog of West Java, Alip Affandi said that Bulog will sell poultry on OPM during Ramadhan.

    "In order to fulfill the needs of the people, we provide a great stock of poultry. This poultry will be distributed through OPM throughout West Java," he said

    Alip explained that today, the price of poultry in Rp 36.000/KG in average. The price is quite high and people are complaining about it. Meanwhile, West Java Bulog will sell it only for Rp 31.000/KG during the OPM.

    "We hope that people could now afford poultry as the demand is increasing during Ramadan," he said.

    The mothers are welcoming this information with happiness. They say that it helps them to afford poultry since it only cost them Rp 31.000/KG.

    "In the traditional market, the poultry merchant charged me Rp 37.000/KG. As for the mobile merchant, the price is even higher it can reach up to Rp 38.000/KG," said Salamah (36), a citizen living in Cijerah, West Bandung districts, Bandung City to jabarprov.go.id on Saturday (11/04). (Adi)



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