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    The Government Should Provide Rita With Legal Aid



    BANDUNG-The Chairman of The First Commission of The House of Representative of Indonesian Republic (DPR RI), Abdul Kharis Almasyhari urged the Government to get involved in giving legal aid for Indonesian Work Forces (IWF) originated from Ponorogo, Rita Krisdianti who is sentenced to death by the Government of Malaysia.

    "In accordance to the constitutional mandate which said that the Government should be present in giving protection to the Indonesian Citizen who resideing in aboard countries," said Kharis during the press conference on Saturday (11/06).

    It is reported that Rita is sentenced to death by The Government of Malaysia for alleged smuggling of 4KG Meth Crystal in a suitcase at Bayan Lepas Airport, Penang, Malaysia on July 10, 2013. Rita was arrested by the Diraja Police Department, Malaysia. She is allegedly framed by the mafia in India with the mode of watching over a suitcase which said to contain clothing.

    Because of that fact, Kharis urged the Government to appeal against the death sentence.

    "The Indonesian Government should be able to go through diplomatic effrots with Malaysia, because according Rita's recognition, She was having no idea that the suitcase contained drugs," he said.

    Kharis said that the Indonesian Government could take the effort which was done by the Government of Phillipines during the Marry Jane case, which is the same as Rita's, as an example.

    "Eventhough we respect the legal sovereignity of Malaysia Government, still we should try to provide protection and assistance to Rita maximally," he said. (Adi)

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