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    Vice Governor Opens Gotrasawala in Cirebon


    CIREBON - Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar officially opened the 3rd event of Gotrasawala in Taman Sari Gua Sunyaragi, Cirebon City, on Friday night (30/10).

    In his speech, Vice Governor hopes that Cirebon would back into the origin of development and advancement of culture in West Java as they did in the 17th century ago.

    "Gotrasawala was first held in the 17th century at the Sultan Wangsakerta era by gathering the kings of the archipelago even Asia in Cirebon to discuss various problems at the time. Therefore, by reviving Gotrasawala, it’s expected to reappear ideas and creativity in promoting culture, economic and social future,” he said.

    Vice Governor Deddy Mizwar also expressed his hope that Gotrasawala can also impacted on the progress of culture, especially in Cirebon, West Java.

    "Do not stop at the event, but it must be sustainable. I hope there is a positive impact that cultural progress in Cirebon and West Java in order to continue to live and be known again" he said.

    Gotrasawala West Java Cultural Performing Art Festival is filled with a variety of cultural activities including seminars, art performances and exhibitions until November 1st, 2015.

    Gotrasawala opening in Cirebon City was also attended by Sultan Kasepuhan 14th Panggeran Raja Arif Natadiningrat Cirebon, Cirebon Mayor and some of the Sultan or King archipelago.


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