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    OJK is Encouraging The Regional Economic Growth



    BANDUNG-Financial Services Authority (OJK) of West Java regional area will continuously encorage the financial institutions to prioritise the funding for the districts development.

    The Head of West Java OJK Regional v, Sarwono said that as for banks that located on the districts area should be encourage to give a light funding for the real sector of the district such as SMEs.

    "Yes, West Java OJK will continuously encourage district bank and other financial institution to fung the SMEs so that they could grow faster," he said.

    Sarwono also said that in accordance to the policy of the Central Government, who wish the economic growth to the supported from the districts, OJK will continue to encourage the district financial institution to grow as well.

    "The district banks and financial institution should also grow in order to be able to support the writhing economy of the districts as the Central Government wish the economic growth should be accelerated from the districts," he said. (PUN)

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