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    BIN and TNI Budget Cut Need In Depth Study



    BANDUNG-The Member of The First Commission of The House of Representative of Indonesian Republic (DPR RI), Hidayat Nurwahid said that the Government needs to conduct an in depth study before deciding to cut he budget of BIN and TNI.

    "The one who cuts the budget of those two institution is the Government. They must have several consideration regarding this decision, but in my opinion, it needs to be study further. in one sector, the cut might be proper but may be another sector needs an increase because of some emergency needs," he said in a press conference that is recieved by jabarprov.go.id on Friday (10/6).

    In terms of the Nation's security, there is an insecurity in the sovereignty of the country as the result of the conflict in South China Sea. Evenmore, the act of taking 10 Indonesian Citizen hostage by the Philipines terrorist is in need of the role of a stronger navy.

    Thus, the Government especially the Ministry of Finane is need to study the budget cut even further.

    "If it is possible, even they should increase the budget, because Indonesian army is still in need of stronger intelligence. The Government need to further study the budget cut," he said. (Adi)

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