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    The Minister of State Apparatus Utilisation and Bureaucracy Reform, Yuddy Chrisnandi was on Ramadan Safari to Bekasi



    JAKARTA-In order to ensure the discipline of the state apparatus and the quality of public service, The Minister of State Apparatus Utilisation and Bureaucracy Reform (PANRB), Yuddy Chrisnandi visited the public service unit located in in Bekasi and Karawang. The main goal of this event is to ensure the public service to fully operational during Ramadhan.

    Yuddy explains the importance of discipline and integrty of the state apparatus in carrying out their tasks and function in order to realise a clean and accountable public service management. Yuddy also said that today, the ministry of PANRB is continuously studying the way to accelerate human resource management in order to avoid corruption, increase competitiveness, professional and having a good global knowledge.

    By conducting comphrehensive assesment, The Ministry of PANRB will evaluate all state apparatus in Indonesia in order to gain a rational quality spread.

    Yuddy also reminds the state apparatus if he finds a public sevice which is not fully operating, or an indiscipline state apparatus, there will be consquences in the form of punishment.

    Next, Ramadhan Safari will be continued to several more public services in another region such as West Java, Banten, Central Java, East Java, and another provinces outside the Java Island. (ajg/HUMAS MENPANRB)

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