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    Ramadaniya Operation 2016 is Expected to Minimalised Problems



    BANDUNG-The Vice Governor of West Java, Deddy Mizwar said that the anticipation and preparation for this year's homecoming event should be better in order to supress any kind of problem. According to Deddy Mizwar, West Java is the main homecoming route in the island of Java and the number of vehicles in continuously increasing each year and makes it vulnerable to security problem, safety problem, order problem, and traffic problem.

    According to the data acquired from the Ketupat Operation 2015, Pantura is the area with most accidents while most of the accidents happened to motorcycle and passenger car.

    "We have to make sure that the road is safe along with the availabilty of signs," he said during the Cross Sectoral Coordination Meeting in order to provide security and safety to this year's homecoming events in Herman Sudjanadiwirja Hall of The West Java Regional Headquarter of Indonesian Police (MAPOLDA JABAR), Jl. Soekarno-Hatta No. 748, Bandung on Thursday (09/06/2016).

    Furthermore, he said that there need to be some rest area and towing cars prepared on site as well as the healthcare facility. He said that the hospital located on around the site is needed to be ready 24 hours.

    As for the people who plans to ride motorcylce, he appealed them to use the public transportation instead.

    Another point that should be considered is a threat to the road order such as terror, sabotage, riot, or street racing.

    As for the gasoline preparation and basic needs, Deddy Mizwar said that it is important for the concerning company to keep the supply in check so that it will not cause any worries to the people.

    Ramadaniya Operation is the replacement of Ketupat operation which is more familiar to the people's ear. This operation will be started on 30 June-15 July 2016.

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