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    The 4 Pillars need to be Strenghten



    BANDUNG-The Vice Chairman of The People's Consultative Assembly of Indonesian Republic (MPR RI), Hidayat Nur Wahid understands the Government decision to cut the budget for his institution including the budget for socialising the four pillars of MPR, because the budget cut was done to every institution not only to MPR.

    "We understand that the country is having an economics problem and budget shortage. It is only proper that the Goverment decides to cut the budget of Governmental Institutions," said Hidayan in the press conference recieved by jabarprov.go.id on Friday (10/6).

    Hidayat proposes that the Government should strengthen the socialisation of The Four Pillars by involving themselves in socialising it.

    "Strenghtening does not always means adding the budget, but it can be done through the involvement of the executive in socialising the 4 pillars so that its coverage is expanding," he said.

    Hidayat believes that if the executives are involved in the socialisation of these four pillars, the people would finally understand these principles and the best kind of socialisation is by giving example to the people.

    "If the officials provide the people with example, the people will certainly follow the good deeds," he said.

    Hidayat also believes that the involvement of the executive can suppress anykind of emergency that is now happening in this nation, such as narcotics emergency, sexual abuse to children, or morality emergency.

    "So, like I said before, strenghtening does not always means adding the budget but it can be done by the Government's involvement is socialising the four pillars," he said. (ADI)

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