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    Karawang will have a Central Market for Rice and Vegetables



    KARAWANG-PT. Central Niaga Nusa Karawang in cooperation with the Government of Karawang Regency held a meeting to discuss the rice, vegetables, and fruit central market development plan in Karawang Regency. The meeting was attended bu the representative from Governmental Organisations in Karawang Regency such as the Head of BPMPT, The Department of Transportation, The Department of Agriculture, BAPPEDA, Distanhutbunnak, and The Food Resilience Institution. Aside of those departments, also attended the meeting were some private companies. Among the companies are PT. CNNK, The Head of APEK (Karawang Engineering Entrepreneur Association), and the representatives of K3 Coperative.

    The Meeting that was held in the Vice Governor's meeting room was led by The Regent of Karawang, Dr. Cellica Nurachdiana accompanied by the Regional Secretary of Karawang Regency, Teddy Rusfendi who heard the presentation from La Ode Hasahu as the General Manager of PT.CNNK or the conceptor of this central market development named Pohaci Central Market.

    In his presentation, Husahu delivered his concept and plan for the future of the market such as the size of the area, the market's prospect, as well as the booth or counter procurement. Husahu also explained that the system that he is using is farmer friendly, because the farmer can pay the booth rent with profit-sharing system.

    According to the plan, this market will be build on a 50 Ha field. As for the step of the development master plan and feasibility, has been completed and the market will consists of 762 rice store, 436 store, 647 indoor store, 1.814 stalls, 243 shophouses, 1 rice warehouse, 1 agro warehouse, 1 retention pool, 1 management office, 1 mosque, 1 clinic, and 1 function hall.

    Aside of that, Husahu said that this market will adapt the concept of modern market with central market primary facilities provided and manage with profit-sharing system and using the information technology advancement.

    "In this modern era, we have to keep up with the rapid technological advancement. With this concept, I hope that this will help the farmers since they already taking benefits of technology at least a handphone," said Husahu. (@Maya)

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