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    Be Cautious When Exchanging Money on The Streets



    BANDUNG-West Java Indonesian Bank (BI) appealed to the people to not exchange their money on the streets during Ramadhan.

    The Head of West Java Indonesian Bank, Rosmaya Hadi said that he cannot guarantee if there are fake money exchanged.

    "If we exchange money on some stranger on the streets we do not know the authenticity of the money and BI cannot guarantee if the money is authentic," he said.

    Thus, Rosmaya appealed to the people who want to exchange their old money for the new one, they could personally come to Bi or any other BPR that has been in cooperated with BI.

    "As for this money exchange, BI has established cooperation with 71 banks and 21 BPR with 154 branches and 23 BPR branches," he said.

    Furthermore, Rosmaya said that this year BI has prepared Rp 16,47 Trillion to fulfill the need of people who would like to exchange their money.

    "As for Rp 20.000 nominals and above, BI has prepared around Rp 15,1 Trillion and for the 10.000 nominals and below, BI only prepared around Rp 1,2 Trillion," he said. (Parno)

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