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    The Price of Basic Needs in Bandung Regency is Fluctuating



    BANDUNG REGENCY-Entering the third day of Ramadhan, the price of basic needs in Bandung Regency is fluctuating as for tomatos in Sayati Market, Margahayu reach Rp 7000/kg, meanwhile in Cileunyi Market and Banjaran Rp 12000/kg.
    When inspecting the price in Banjaran, The Regent of Bandung H. Dadang M. Naser said that the beef has reach Rp 120.000/kg. The same price is also found in Cileunyi Markett and Sayati. Befor the Ramadhan started it only cost the people Rp 110.000/kg.
    Onion prices in the Sayati reached Rp 36.000 / kg, while in Banjaran Rp 35,000 / kg. Cayenne pepper in Sayati Rp 30.000 / kg, while in Banjaran Rp 25,000 / kg. Different prices also occurred in carp commodity, in Sayati until Wednesday (8/6) it reached Rp 25.000 / kg, while in Banjaran Rp 22.000 / kg.
    In his confession in the presence of Vice Regent of Bandung H. Gun Gun Gunawan, a beef trader in Cileunyi said, the level of sales of beef has been low. "It was highn before the fasting month but now it is mediocre, sometimes we have no customer at all," said a trader.
    Still on Cileunyi, H. Gun Gun Gunawan had found a few pieces of chicken broiler which are slaughtered in a less perfect manner. "Because if it is less than perfect, the meat tastes even less palatable," said H. Gun Gun Gunawan. He also found a noodle products that still use preservatives such as formaldehyde, after the laboratory test field. While meatball declared to be free from preservatives borax.
    With the discovery of noodle products which still contain formalin, H. Dadang M. Naser ordered the Department of Health and Diskoperindag to immediately provide guidance to manufacturers of noodles. "I also appealed to the parties who still use textile dye and preservative formalin for noodles to immediately stop the act because in that way would be dangerous for others health," said H. Dadang M. Naser.
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