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    KNRP Delivers Their Insight for The Broadcasting Law Revision



    BANDUNG-National Coalition of Broadcasting Reformation (KNRP) delivers their insight for the broadcasting law revision to the Regional House of Representative. The insight is recieved directly by the Chairman of PKS Fraction of The Regional House of Representative, Jazuli Juwaini together with the political, law, and security experts fraction in the plenary chamber of PKS fraction.

    "There are several things that we would like to say to the PKS fraction regarding the broadcasting issue in Indonesia. First, the revision of broadcasting law No. 32 of 2002. Second, the license renewal of 10 private TV stations which due this October 2016. Third, the selection of the new KPI Chairman. Fourth, the transformation from analogue TV to digital," said The Coordinator of KNRP, Ade Armando during the press conference on Wednesday (8/6).

    He said that the law has been ran ineffectively for about 14 years. This is the results of the great influence of the media to the people across Indonesian regions.

    "Thus, The key to improve Indonesian broadcasting is actually lies in the hand of KPI. The license renewal should be the mirror of their performance this past 10 years. Do not let the new chairman affected by the corrupt TV station," Ade said.

    Besides, a journalist from Independent Journalists Allience (AJI), Bayu Wardhana highlights the missing of ownership clause in the law revision draft discussed in this meeting.

    "This would make that quality of Indonesian TV station worsen. The programme in one TV station would be monotonous because it ran by the same company," he said.

    "Our democration would be damaged. If the owner of a TV station is an owner of a political party. Their ownership must be limited," said Jazuli Juwaini. (Adi)

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