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    Internal Recommendation of The MP BPJS



    BANDUNG-The West Java's Regional Working Meeting of MP BPJS in Prime Park Hotel, Jl. Phh. Mustopa, Bandung on Saturday (4/6) resulted in external and internal recommendation.

    "In our external recommendation, we suggest BPJS to build their branch in every regions/cities in West Java," said the coordinator of West Java's MP BPJS, Dr Asep Sahid Gatara, accompanied by the Regional Secretary of West Java's MP BPJS, Marnawi Munamah in Bandung.

    According to Asep, the other external recommendation is that his organisation is demanding the BPJS hospitals to improve their services based on the value of humanity and social fairness.

    Aside of that, his organisation is also urging the Governor to synergise with every aspects of the people in order to increase the number of membership and improving the health care for the people of West Java according to the 1945 Constitution, the Law regarding BPJS and the regional regulations.

    "Every stake holder should continuously monitor and published their note as a critical note regarding the performance of BPJS to be evaluated by the President, The house of Representative, DJSN RI and another concerning ministry," said Asep.

    Asep said that the meeting is also generating internal recommendation which consists of 4 points. First, his organisation is ready to give their active contribution to increase the number of BPJS members through socialisation, publication, door to door recruitment, and strengthening the communication network and information.

    Second, Creating a working programme with BPJS as well as the Government institution to spread the awareness and increase the number of BPJS membership.

    Third, urging every BPJS branch to conduct a meeting in order to accelerate the capacity and consolidation of the organisation in order to increase the number of BPJS membership.

    Fourth, MP BPJS of West Java supports the National Coordinator of MP BPJS to carry out a certification programme for social security experts. (Adi)

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