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    The Government of West Java will Build a Museum Dedicated to Prophet Muhammad S.A.W



    MEDINAH-A replica of The Museum of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W is planned to be build on the first floor of the West Java Provincial Mosque which will be floated on a lake and soon to be developed in Gede Bage, Bandung.

    As stated by the Second Regional Assistant of West Java, Deny Juanda Purmidaja during the visit to Asma ul Husna Museum, Madinah, Saudi Arabia on Saturday noon (04/06/2016) local time. The West Java Government group is also visiting the Museum of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W while they are on the area.

    "The intention of this trip to Makkah and Medina is to visit the museum and conduct an in depth study on background, purpose, and museum embodiment strategy options. So, that there is a study process created for the people of the world to admire the creation of Allah SWT," He said in Asma ul Husna Museum.

    There are also an architect and lecturer from Bandung Technological Institute (ITB), Baskoro Tedjo and Bayu Wahyudin (ITB Alumni as well as one of the team member of the planning team for Floating Mosque in Gede Bage). The team is welcomed by Husna Mufassir, The board of Asma Ul Husna Museum which happens to be an Indonesian Student and alumni of an Islamic University in Medina. On that ocassion, The Governor was given a souvenir from Husain Abdul Hakam as the Chairman of the museum's board.

    He explains that later, the second floor of the mosque will be used as a praying space and the first floor will be used as a public space including the museum. The mosque will be 99x99 meter large and two floors high and will be able to contain 30-50 thousands people. The mosqe will be build on 21 hectare large field.

    "This visit would also be an inspiration for the team to build the museum and manage the museum so that it can be a place to study in order to improve the quality of our young generation," he said.

    The Governor repeatedly say that the floating mosque in Gede Bage is going to be started in conjunction with the anniversary of West Java Province.

    "Hopefully, it will be started on August 19th," he said in Gedung Sate last March 28th, 2016. The Governor also said that the mosque would be named Al-Jabbar. He chose the name because it sounds like the abbreviation of West Java which is "Jawa Barat" in Indonesian and also sounds like the mathematical theory Algebra which is in Indonesian "Al-Jabar".

    "The mosque cost the Government of West Java roughly Rp 500 Billion," he said.

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