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    MP BPJS Will Provide the Member of BPJS With Advocacy



    BANDUNG-The Regional Coordinator of People Concerned About Social Security Agency of West Java (MP BPJS), Dr. Asep Sahid Gatara said that MP BPJS is a part of people's awareness towards the spirit of this nation to guarantee the social security of its people and operating under the management of various units and in this case is under the management of The Department of Healthcare.

    "As an organisation, we encourage the people to actively participate in BPJS by becoming a member which later will increase the number of the members," he said to jaarprov.go.id.

    Asep said that MP BPJS is socialising to the people that as a citizen, they have the rights of social security, rights of constitution, and to be guaranteed their health.

    "We are in a cooperation with the Government and a private company. The point is that the people's health should be guaranteed. We encourage the active participation of the people in increasing the number of BPJS membership," he said.

    Asep explains that his organisation has several structure which provide the people with advocacy and education regarding the complaint of the member od BPJS.

    "Thus, we are trying to help to ressolve the problems which are complained by the members of BPJS in West Java especially the one which related to hospital of BPJS," he said. (Adi)

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