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    It is Important to Raise The People's Awareness



    BANDUNG-Raising the people's or industries' awareness is important in order to make Citarum River cleaner as said by the Commander of The Cleaning Program who also The Chief Staff of Regional Millitary Command, Brigjend. Wuryanto.

    According to Wuryanto, if the people's awareness is high, they will stop dumping at the river.

    "It is easy to clean the river it only took us maybe 1-2 weeks time but, what is important is to raise people's awarness to not dump their garbage to the river to preserve the cleanliness of the river itself."

    Wuryanto said he will continuously socialise the importance of preserving the river's cleanliness.

    "Through the socialisation, we hope that the people would become aware and together we could preserve the beauty of this river," he said. (Parno)

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